Something Released During Irregular Period-a Fertilized Egg??

I've been having an irregular period, two weeks early and very, very light flow. Sort of brownish at times and unusual smell. After about a week I released something that was about the size of a fingertip. Dark red and firm. (much bigger & more firm than the egg that usually passes after a regular period!) is it possible to release/pass a fertilized egg? The flow stopped as soon as it passed. Should I be worried?
* It could just be a blood clot woman can just get them on occasion
or the egg... I think I read once that it does alwasy come out but you just rarely notice it
* I always notice the egg, like 80% of the time so I know what it looks like, its always the same. But this thing was at least 6 or 7 times that size and firm like a grape. Actually, since it's passed i've started to feel some "action" in my pelvic area. Not pain, just "activity". So you wouldn't panic?
* I wouldnt

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