Urine Smells Very Strong, Like Plastic, Or Burning Rubber?

My urine smells very strong, like plastic, or burning rubber. I drink beer alot.Could this be a lack of water.Or is it something to worry about
* It could very well be the over abundance of beer and lack of water...You could have a bladder infection...Kidney infection...You definitley should drink alot of water, especially if youre a big drinker.
Do you have any other problems?? Like burning, even mild when you pee, or lower back pain??
* No...No other problems.Sometimes I get this pain in my tailbone after playing drums for too long, but I think its from bad posture and a hard stool
* I am experiencing pain in my lower back on a regular basis. It started in my lower back l5 area. Xrays say I have a degenerative disc. I have been to the doctor, chiropracter, acupuncture, neurolink, and am now currently doing rolfing. The pain starts in the evening and increases while I am sleeping. Lately the pain feels like it is in the top of my hips? I also have episodes where my urine smells like plastic? Really strong smell?
In the morning its hard to get up out of bed. But when I do, it begins to warm up and I can function thru the day. Somedays are better than others with more or less pain during the day?
I don't know if this is related but I also experience episodes of small tears in my anus after bowel movements? The area becomes very itchy and irritated especially during the night.
This problem started a few years ago and hasn't gotten better. I have learned to manage the pain, but have found no cure as of yet... Does anyone have any ideas I am at my wits end...
* So weird. For 3 days I thought I had a short in the exhaust fan or something in my bathroom. I kept smelling burning rubber smell and I just realized today it was my urine and signed on to see if I could find anyone who knew why and saw your post. I drink gallons of water so it is not water. I do smoke, but do not drink beer so where is our simiilarity I wonder. Only thing different is that I have started drinking a new green tea. Do you drink geen tea? If not the tea and you smoke maybe it is something they are putting in the cigarettes recently. It does smell like tar I guess, but never before have I smelled this. I checked with urine test strips and everything was olk.
If you found out why, please post or email privately.
* I have been having really bad back pains too, right around my hip area and about two days ago I noticed that my urine smells differant than usual. I dont drink green tea all that often, and I dont smoke, and I dont drink anymore. Ive had the back pains for about 4 months now. Has any of you heard from anyone about this?
* I don't have anything in common with you all and my urine smells too.
* :d
found out the burnt rubber smell is from eating asparagus. We're all fine!
* It is from eating asparagus - especially fresh asparagus. I don't know why.
* Well, all I can say is that its definitely not 100% asparagus, although that may be the culprit for some people. Men, check the smell of your... Um... Excitatory excretions, if it is very different after you eat asparagus and also when your urine smells odd, then you know the culprit. I'm not sure if the same thing happens to women. I get that funny plastic smell even if I haven't had asparagus in months, so we know that there are potential other causes, even if i'm just an exception to the general rule.
Also, do any of ya'll ever have really sweet smelling urine, like syrup or molasses? I've heard this is because of some genetic disorder, but you'd think that genetics would be 24/7, not occasional. Maybe i'm a freak for having interesting and different smells every morning.
* Sweet smelling urine can be a sign of ketoacidosis - which is what occurs for type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetics when their blood sugar is high. Diabetes mellitus literally means something like "flowing honey" in greek - guess what that refers too... So any type 1 diabetic (like me) will be familiar with fruity, sweet smelling pee, from times when their blood sugars run away on them and get too high.
Now I don't think it sounds like a sign of diabetes in you (if type 1 it would just get worse, you would feel very sick in head, very thirsty, excessive urination, lose weight etc etc) - and I gather ketoacidosis doesn't really occur much in type 2 diabetes - but I say still worth a checkup - a blood sugar test would take all of 20 seconds by your doctor (or a friendly local diabetic!)
the genetic disorder you mention is maple syrup urine desease. it looks very nasty indeed, but I think you're safe as it first appears in the newborn!

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