Helicopter Virus/peptic Ulcer?

In febuary 2005 I got a virus everyone at work had it the usual vommiting and diarehea symtoms. Except mine never seemed to go away. I went to the gp who felt sure it would clear up after clear blood test resualts for liver fucnction ect.
Every morning I would wake with terrible stomach aches and dearehea and vommiting. Vommiting bile as I hadn't even eaten any thing. I would expreience hot flushes and nausea for most of the morning recovering in the after noon.
By june the diahrea had stopped but I still experience reflux and vommiting ,and nausea in the morning. I did a breathe test to see if I i had the helicopter virus and this came back positive so I was treated with the antibiotic treatment.
For about 2 weeks I was fine and then it returned to waking and feeling nauseas and vommiting and burping.
I had a gastrophy and a colonoscopy in november which showed an irritated stomach but nothing, the ulcer has been irradicated but I have the symptoms

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